How to Earn money online without paying anything (Genuine way)

      When you type in Google or any other search engine “How to Earn money online” , you will get a thousands of results showing and elaborating how to earn money online. But, sad thing is that most of that are not working who are willing earn a decent money by working online and which is absolutely free of cost.

      In this post I will give you only one trick which will can give you a decent income monthly without investing anything. Yes, without investment. Do you know what is the top Search engine in the World? Yes, its Google . But do you know who is second ? Its youtube. Yes , youtube is now the second largest search engine after google. Now, you will guess that I am going to demonstrate about uploading videos to Youtube, right ? Yes, I will , but in a different way and ideas where you will get quick subscribers, views and of course the real thing “Money”. Just follow my below ideas, I swear you will get success a within month.

      I think you all know about how to upload videos to youtube, so I will not explain that, but I will explain what topic you should choose, how to edit your videos and about socialization. Now a days you will see that most of the explainer videos are on the trending page of youtube. Means, showing some slideshow images and with a background voice about a topic and making a good money. All about the topic you choose. Especially,  you need to pick the topics which are general people want to know and they believe. The topics related to upcoming occasions/events, spirituality, home remedies for health are the top most and also in this type of videos you need not to show your face on the camera.

   Firstly download “Audacity”  and record your voice about the topic (better you to write your topic on a paper) and then download “Windows Movie Maker”  or other similar free video editor and make some slideshows relating to your topic rendering with your voice recording. Now upload your video to youtube with good title, description and most importantly the tags . Try to upload atleast two(2) videos daily to gain views and subscribers. Also, share your videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. because most of the traffics of youtube are come from social media websites. Ask your friends to share your videos as much as they can.

    Once you got clicked once, you never have to look back again. 🙂



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